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Are you a STEM Mentor?

We still have space for Science and Technology mentors and contributors at our in person and online events! We would love to have your organization represented. Here are some examples of contributions we are looking for:


  • Company Tour: A day in the life of working at STEAM companies through a tour of the campus, inside laboratories, highlighting amenities, employees, etc.

  • Career Journey: Company leaders talk about their passion for their roles and the industry at large. They'll share their visions for the future or talk about their career paths, goals, etc.

  • Expert Talk: A deep dive into an industry related topic or current event (i.e. microbiology, COVID, Climate Change, etc)

  • Experiment or Activity: Share an engaging, fun experiment or activity that students can do at the event or following along a video from their homes.

Get in touch and send us a message here

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